Today’s Healing Word – Joints

When you go for your spring spirit walk, how many joints in your body are you using? 

You have somewhere around 230 joints in your body. Your physical body is the home to your spirit and your spirit yearns for expression.  When you allow your spirit to use all of the  joints in your body, you give yourself full expression.

As you walk, which joints are locked or sluggish?  Start at your hips.  Feel each hip joint as is moves and try to accentuate those movements.  Now go to your knees, your ankles, your feet and toes.   Feel each joint moving with every step you take.

Now, move up your spine, to your shoulders, your elbows, wrists and fingers.  Move your neck and your head.  Feel the fluidity returning to your body.  Feel the pathways you have opened for your spirit to soar.

You may think walking this way would look silly, however, it doesn’t have to be.  Very subtle movements may not be seen by others, but they will be felt by you.  When you loosen your joints with movement, you begin to feel the beauty of fluid motion.

You are a dancer in the sunlight!  Express yourself!

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