The Worst Review I Ever Received and Why I Loved It

I absolutely hated it. It was the worst book I ever read.”

 I happened to stop by a friend’s store and she mentioned she had loaned my book, Gifts of the Storm, to her friend.

 “I loved the book and thought she would too,” my friend told me. “I was so surprised when she told me she hated the book.”

 “Did she say why she hated it?” I asked.

 “Yes, she hated it because the main character Maureen got everything in life my friend has always wanted,” she said. “My friend told me she cried through the whole book.” 

When I heard the reasoning behind her review of my book, I knew that this was the best review I could ever get.

As an author, I try to write books that will touch my readers. When this woman said the character had everything she’d always wanted and never got, I knew there was a yearning within this woman. By reading my book, she’d been able to touch this yearning and recognize it.

The character in Gifts of the Storm she refers to is Maureen.  In the beginning of the book, Maureen has everything on the surface. She has a wealthy husband, a beautiful daughter and a barn full of beautiful horses.  When her husband leaves her for another woman, Maureen feels like her world is falling apart. Through the book, Maureen finds love in a new direction and with it comes a large family who is very accepting of her and shows her how to be part of the family that she’s never had.

“She told me her husband’s family has never accepted her and puts her down all the time,” said my friend.  “When she read about Maureen experiencing a beautiful and accepting family, it made her sad because she has never had that.”

Our emotions are part of what makes us human.  Our emotions are meant to be experienced and not to be held or stuck inside.  I knew this woman had been feeling this sadness for a long time and was allowing it to become stuck inside herself.  She was not able to find a way to express her sadness.  By reading my book and having the book be a mirror for her, she was finally able to realize what she’s been holding for so long. Hopefully this realization will help her find a way to change your life and manifest what she has always yearned for.

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Has a book ever touched you in an intimate way?  I’d love to hear about it.

Evergreen Amundson is an Earth Wisdom Guide and intuitive who can assist you in getting clear about your life’s journey. Evergreen is a speaker and global telesummit guest and is known internationally for her Crystal Clarity Intuitive readings. Evergreen is a bestselling author who uses her varied background to celebrate the bond between humans and the earth. Through Crystal Clarity Guidance programs, she can help you realize the healing possibilities of Earth Wisdom to build a deeper connection to all life. She also leads personal and group ceremonies in the Earth Wisdom tradition.