Today’s Healing Word – Ignite

Like moths, we are drawn to fire.

Ignite a campfire and people will come.  We are drawn to flame for the warmth it provides, and also for the beauty.   The colors of the rainbow can be found in a campfire.

We depend on fire to cook our food and heat our homes.  Nature depends on fire to renew the landscape and allow new seeds to open.  Fire has a way of cleansing and opening possibilities.

We also depend on the fire of our spirit which keeps us alive.  The fire inside of us keeps our bodies warm and our spirit bright.  When you allow your ignited spirit to shine, people are drawn to you.

Like any fire, there is a balance to be found between burning brightly and burning out.  When you feel your fire burning out, ignite it again with creativity and magic. Connecting with other people’s spirit fire will help keep your own ignited.

How will you ignite your spirit fire today?

Evergreen Amundson is an Earth Wisdom Guide and intuitive who can assist you in getting clear about your life’s journey. Evergreen is a speaker and global telesummit guest and is known internationally for her Crystal Clarity Intuitive readings. Evergreen is a bestselling author who uses her varied background to celebrate the bond between humans and the earth. Through Crystal Clarity Guidance programs, she can help you realize the healing possibilities of Earth Wisdom to build a deeper connection to all life. She also leads personal and group ceremonies in the Earth Wisdom tradition.


Today’s Healing Word – Embodied

Peace can be realized when you bring it into the whole of your being.

Knowing you are alive and awake can be the embodiment of the state of peace.  Open your senses and begin to be amazed by the simple elegance of the world around you.  Hear snowflakes falling on a pine branch.  Feel the breeze created by a moth’s wings.  Taste clear water.  Inhale the scent of a newly opened leaf. 

These experiences are waiting to bring you into a state of peace that is alive and active.  You don’t need to go to the mountaintop to sit silent for a decade before you can realize the amazing serenity of peace.  Peace is happening all around you.

Feel peace in moving your body.  Listen for peace in the howling of coyotes.  Your senses were created to bring you through the gateway to the great mystery of life.  Use them and to embody peace in every moment.

What does peace sound like to you today?

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Evergreen Amundson guides people in their quest for spiritual understanding and living a balanced life. She assists humans in developing a more cooperative and respectful relationship with their animal companions through animal communication and bodywork. She also provides relationship training for humans and horses using concepts of natural horsemanship. Evergreen has studied with WhiteEagle, RainbowHawk and WindEagle, keepers of the tradition of the Teachings of the Delicate Lodge, learning the power of the medicine wheel to bring balance and wholeness to human consciousness. Evergreen uses her varied background to author works that celebrate the bond between humans and animals, and the power of living a balanced spiritual life.