What your horse trainer may not be telling you

What may the horse trainers not be telling you? 

Most of the natural trainers stress being the leader for your horse.  They offer special techniques to move your horse in the round pen, play games with your horse, and show you amazing examples of horsemanship you aspire to achieve.

After trying these techniques, does your horse stare at you with a blank look in his eye, or buck and run off?  I understand because I’ve been there. 

When my first horse came to me, I wanted a more respectful and cooperative relationship and I hoped to find it with natural horsemanship.  After learning the techniques, I knew there was still something these famous trainers weren’t teaching me.   I saw many of their students using the techniques in ways that were not respectful to their horses, or themselves.

I went on a journey to find the secret and found Earth Wisdom. Through Earth Wisdom, I learned how to balance my energies and remove old distortions that were getting in the way of my quest to be my horse’s chosen leader.

Horses are prey animals and rely on their powerful perceptive abilities to read energy. If your horse perceives anger, low self-esteem, confusion, or disconnection, he will not accept you as his chosen leader. 

We can use techniques to run our horses to submission, and to respond to increasing pressure, but those responses do not instill trust and respect from the horse’s point of view.  Submission through pressure or fear is not respect.

Once I began to apply the principles of Earth Wisdom in my life, my relationship with my horses developed to a new level.  My horses chose to be with me, to follow me and to trust me.

Our horses are looking for leaders who:

  • – access creativity
  • – cultivate inner awareness
  • – demonstrate emotional flexibility and honor diversity
  • – display purpose and direction
  • – nurture structural well being
  • – move in harmony with life’s cycles
  • – implement honest strategies from the heart
  • – remain shift-able and maintain integrity

These eight energy perspectives are at the base of true leadership and can help you be the chosen leader your horse yearns for.  By using these leadership principles, you can take whatever techniques you have learned to the next level of success in any training discipline, and not only with your horse.  Leadership is important in your work, family and community.  

True leadership cannot be achieved from outside techniques.  It comes from holding these eight perspectives in balance, and it is truly an inside job!


Evergreen Amundson is an Earth Wisdom Guide and Intuitive who can assist you in achieving the ultimate relationship you dream of with your horse. Evergreen is a bestselling author, equine relationship trainer, equine bodyworker and animal communicator.




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Evergreen Amundson guides people in their quest for spiritual understanding and living a balanced life. She assists humans in developing a more cooperative and respectful relationship with their animal companions through animal communication and bodywork. She also provides relationship training for humans and horses using concepts of natural horsemanship. Evergreen has studied with WhiteEagle, RainbowHawk and WindEagle, keepers of the tradition of the Teachings of the Delicate Lodge, learning the power of the medicine wheel to bring balance and wholeness to human consciousness. Evergreen uses her varied background to author works that celebrate the bond between humans and animals, and the power of living a balanced spiritual life.

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