Each moment brings us the power to choose.

What will I do now?  Where will I go now?  What words should I speak now? What reality do I want to create in this moment?

The choices in each moment are unlimited, so why do we usually make the same choices over and over again?  Whether consciously or unconsciously, your brain will usually go to whatever choice has been pre-set in the past.  If the pre-set is that you are poor, your brain will tell you to make the cheapest choice.  If the pre-set is that you are unworthy, your brain will make a choice to keep you small and invisible.

When you access the wisdom of your heart, you make choices that are life-affirming. Your heart knows you are part of the amazing design of creation in the universe.  Your heart knows how to create abundance and joy.

What choice will you make, from your heart, today?


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Evergreen Amundson is an Earth Wisdom Guide and intuitive who can assist you in getting clear about your life’s journey. Evergreen is a speaker and global telesummit guest and is known internationally for her Crystal Clarity Intuitive readings. She can help you find your strengths and walk the high road to the mountain top where you can look at your life’s challenges from a place of power. Evergreen is a bestselling author who uses her varied background to celebrate the bond between humans and the earth. Through Crystal Clarity Guidance programs, she can help you realize the healing possibilities of Earth Wisdom to build a deeper connection to all life. She also leads personal and group ceremonies in the Earth Wisdom tradition.

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