Today’s Healing Word – Walk

The end of winter is near.  After a season of going inside, it is time to begin to awaken your spirit to new possibilities. It is time to walk.

During the season of cold, we tend to bundle up or stay indoors.  It is a time of rest and dreaming in the old way.  The days are cloudy and dark, the perfect time for quiet reflection on our lives and what we want to dream into being during the next cycle.

As spring approaches, it is time to shed our layers and open ourselves to the new light.  We cast off our heavy clothes, and with them, we cast off our heavy burdens.  We stand a bit taller and feel the freedom of leaving behind what is no longer needed.

Now is a great time to begin your new walk.  Literally, you can go out into nature and walk, listening to the messages of the returning birds, seeing small buds and new shoots emerging.  Feel inside for what is wanting to be awakened in you.  What are you wanting to bring forth in this new time?  What dream are you wanting to manifest?

Are you ready to walk with freedom and creativity?

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