Today’s Healing Word – Water

When your emotions are able to move like water, and you allow yourself to feel, experience and release your emotional power, you can find peace within the self.

I have heard artists say the hardest thing to paint is water.  Water is not a static thing.  It is filled with dynamic movement.  It flows, shifts, changes, sparkles, cascades, drips and reflects.  Trying to capture the spirit of water on a two dimensional surface can be a challenging task.

Your emotions are like water.  They are meant to flow, shift, change, sparkle, cascade, drip and reflect.  And like water, when they are restricted, they become a powerful force. And like water, trying to capture the spirit of emotions in words can be a challenging task. One list I saw had over 4,000 words to describe emotions.

How are your emotions flowing today?

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Evergreen Amundson guides people in their quest for spiritual understanding and living a balanced life. She assists humans in developing a more cooperative and respectful relationship with their animal companions through animal communication and bodywork. She also provides relationship training for humans and horses using concepts of natural horsemanship. Evergreen has studied with WhiteEagle, RainbowHawk and WindEagle, keepers of the tradition of the Teachings of the Delicate Lodge, learning the power of the medicine wheel to bring balance and wholeness to human consciousness. Evergreen uses her varied background to author works that celebrate the bond between humans and animals, and the power of living a balanced spiritual life.

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