Today’s Healing Word – Tide

The waters ebb and flow with the tide, giving and taking, restoring and releasing.

I have always lived by some form of water, whether it was a small creek, a large river, or one of the Great Lakes.  When you live by water, you learn to understand the flowing nature of this earth element.  Waters rise and fall, change course, erode and build up their banks.  Waters are ever changing.

I had a friend who lived near a backwater of the Mississippi River.  His home was on a hillside, with a patch of level ground before dropping to the water’s edge.  The great Mississippi is famous for its flooding abilities, however this man had a great optimism about the water’s changing nature.

“When the river floods, I have waterfront property,” he said. “And when the river is low, I have an extra acre or two to play with.”

His optimism displayed his ability to ebb and flow with the waters.  It is a good metaphor for allowing your emotions to ebb and flow.  When flowing water is trapped, it will erode its banks in search of freedom.  When you allow your emotions to become trapped, they also will search for an outlet, or erode away at your structure.

How are your waters flowing?  Do your emotions overflow or has the riverbed within you run dry?  How will you celebrate the tides of your life today?
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Evergreen Amundson guides people in their quest for spiritual understanding and living a balanced life. She assists humans in developing a more cooperative and respectful relationship with their animal companions through animal communication and bodywork. She also provides relationship training for humans and horses using concepts of natural horsemanship. Evergreen has studied with WhiteEagle, RainbowHawk and WindEagle, keepers of the tradition of the Teachings of the Delicate Lodge, learning the power of the medicine wheel to bring balance and wholeness to human consciousness. Evergreen uses her varied background to author works that celebrate the bond between humans and animals, and the power of living a balanced spiritual life.

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